A vibrant, interactive and guided art experience

from local Visionary Artist Adriana Jaguar and international Producer and Personal Development coach Maleena Pone.


Focusing on nature and the elements that build our idea of self such as trust, freedom,

surrender and strength, the exhibition is a guided experience that invites you to interact

with the 9-piece collection in an introspective way, offering you prompts to sit with your

own personal reflections of what it means to harness your power within.

You will be encouraged to flow through the journey of each piece and assign your

own meaning to the curated questions being posed throughout the journey.

At the end, you will be invited to share your own reflections with the hosts.

And if you would like to continue to go deeper inwards, your very own 'Power Within Portrait'

and 'Power Within Coaching' session will be on offer.

Adriana and Maleena want people to come and enter the artwork

and make space for personal development all at the same time.

"The way that art can offer a mirror to how we see ourselves

as beings is really powerful, witnessing ourselves and our inner power

is at the heart of this experience."

We're inviting you to become your own masterpiece during

the process of journeying through the exhibit.

We don't just want you to see the art, but to experience it too."



guided journey



What is your intention for this journey?

When did you last fully to let go of expectations?

conflict strenght

What personal conflicts are you currently sitting with?




What stops you from trusting in the process of surrender?

How are you stepping out of your comfort zone?

What do you need to let go of to make space for more clarity?




Who do you admire for their integrity and why?

Have you experienced a spiritual rebirth before?

What would being in your awakened flow look like?

Adriana Jaguar

Gold Diamond Illustration

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica.

While surrounded by lush nature, experiencing the struggle of the Latin American cities, she journeyed around the world to live in Italy, North and South America in the search for inspiration.

Seeing the struggle of humanity around the globe, she started turning inside the depths of the Self. Through mysticism, meditation, moondance, shamanism and ceremony while being deeply embedded in nature and transmitting a constant thread of the divine surrounding us.

Guided by her heart, spirit animals and her ancestors.

Her expression is to the love of creation.

Her art is a portal to the divine, bringing the nature goddesses into our cities to remind us of the inherent interconnectedness of all of life. To remember our pure essence of the magical beings we all are to be.

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Maleena Pone

Gold Diamond Illustration

Born and raised in London, UK.

Maleena is an experienced Filmmaker, Photographer and trauma informed ICF-Accredited Integrative Life Coach. She creates thought-provoking films and celebrates personal growth in her work and offers personal documentation and a safe space to women undergoing various transformations and processes.She believes deeply that the stories we tell ourselves and the world, can shape our reality. Through her filmmaking and coaching, she holds the unique ability to observe and mindfully witness awakenings and transformations, whilst honouring the sacred and private experience of coming back to self. She is an expert at helping people to cultivate their capacity and sense of belonging to the stories they tell themselves and others about who they really are and what they truly want.